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Concerts Archive 2011-17





January 2011: LIEBESLIEDER (3 concerts on the theme of ‘Love’ profiling Brahms’ Liebesliederwaltzer)


March 2011: SHAKESPEARE IN SONG (5 concerts of song inspired by William Shakespeare)


June-July 2011: LISZT BI-CENTENARY (4 concerts profling the songs of Franz Liszt in his 200th year)






January 2012: THE CYCLE OF LIFE (4 concerts: Childhood Innocene, The Folly of Youth, The Prime of Life, The Wisdom of experience)


February 2012: A EUROPEAN STORY-BOOK (3 concerts: A European Folk Anthology, Tales from Schumann, Russian Fairy Tales)


March 2012: INSPIRATIONS OF THE MUSES (3 concerts: ATHENE, Song and the visual arts, TERPSICHORE, Song and Dance, CALLIOPE, Muse of Epic Poetry)


June-July 2012: THE OLYMPICS IN SONG (5 concerts: ASIA, Tales of the Orient; AFRICA, On Safari; AUSTRALASIA, Antipodean Song; THE AMERICAS, North & South; EUROPE A tour of Olympic Cities)


October 2012: HEAVENLY BODIES (3 concerts: Here comes the Sun, Fly me to the Moon, Star of Wonder)


9 October 2012: VOICES OF LONDON (Special Event: Songs of the Big Smoke, Including the WORLD PREMIERE of a comissioned song cycle VOICES OF LONDON)


November 2012: DEBUSSY 2012: (3 concerts: Debussy’s Women, Debussy’s World, Debussy and Beyond)


27 November 2012: Amy J Payne, mezzo-soprano; Louisa Lam, piano (To Sleep, Perchance to Dream’, Songs of sleeping & dreaming)


4 December 2012: Romain Dayez, baritone; Gavin Roberts, piano (‘Au bord de l’eau’, French Water Songs)






22 January 2013: Lucy Hall, soprano; Gavin Roberts, piano (Hark, Hark the Lark, Songs to Shakespeare)



5 February 2013: Anita Watson, soprano; Lada Valesova, piano  (‘The Age of Innocence’)


February 2013: THREE’S A CFROWD (3 concerts: instrumental songs and duets, including oboe, clarinet & viola)


5 March: Aivale Cole, soprano; Catherine Norton, piano (‘Earth & Heaven)


12 March: The Melicus Duo: Marie Vassiliou, soprano; Nico de Villiers, piano  (‘My love is like a red, red Rose’)


March 2013: SEA FEVER (3 concerts: The Love Boat; Rich and Strange; Salt Water Ballads)


May-July 2013: WOMEN IN SONG (5 concerts: Mother & Child; Wives & Lovers; From longing to fulfillment; Nadia Boulanger; Royal Women)


June 2013: BRITTEN AND POULENC (3 concerts: Childish Pursuits; Travelling & Abroad;Reflections)


23 April 2013: Dan Norman, tenor & Sholto Kynoch, piano (‘Dreams and Hallucinations’)


30 April 2013: Martin Häßler, baritone & Marek Ruszczynski, piano (‘From Wanderers and Knights’)


28 May 2013: Jenavieve Moore, soprano & Justin Snyder, piano (‘When Smoking was Allowed...’)


4 June 2013: Dawn Padula, mezzo-soprano & Soo-Jeung Joo, piano (‘The House of Life and Love’)


9 July 2013, Ben McAteer, baritone & Gavin Roberts, piano (‘The Land without Music?)


October 2013: SONG OF THE EARTH (3 Concerts: Fish in the Unruffled Lakes; The Aviary; Nature, The Gentlest Mother)


November 2013: Verdi & Wagner 200 (2 Concerts: Spirits of an Age; National Revolutionaries)


21 November 2013: A BRITTEN BIRTHDAY CONCERT. Nicholas Allen, tenor; Gavin Roberts, piano.


5 December 2013: A CHRISTMAS SCHUBERTIADE with new songs by Louis Mander





February 2014: LIFE’S SIMPLE PLEASURES (4 Concerts: Food, glorious food; The one I love, Sweet Sleep; Drinking songs)


March 2014: THE SEASONS (Spring is here; In the Summertime; Autumn Leaves)


8 April 2014: DANCING WINTERREISE (Music on the Move Project): Collaboaration with RAMBERT Dance Company


May 2014: SONGS OF TRAVEL (4 concerts: In the gardens of Spain; Viva Italia, Zigeunerlieder; Far from home)


June 2014: STRAUSS 150 (3 concerts: A ladies’ man; Strauss mit Humor; Folksongs and Fantasies)


3 July 2014: SONGS FROM THE ASYLUM (City of London Festival)


10 July 2013: MUSIC IN OFFICES Lunchtime concert


26 September 2014: LETTERS FROM THE FRONT (WW1): Oundle Interbational Festival


4 October 2014: Concert with Berkhamsted Kulturelles Oktoberfest


October 2014: SHAKESPEARE 450 (4 concerts: Shakespeare in Love; Sonnets & Songs; Shakespeare’s Women; Nature & Magic)


31 Ocotber 2014: CREATIVE MADNESS 1: Ortus Centre, The Maudesley Hospital


November 2014: SONGS OF THE GREAT WAR (3 concerts: The Pity of War; War on all fronts; Letters from Home)


27 November 2014: SHAKESPEARE IN SONGS AND SCENES (Queen Mary University)


1 December 2014: CHRISTMAS CONCERT (Collaboration with Herbert Smith Freehills & Music in Offices)





February 2015: SHADES OF PINK (part of LGBT History Month) (4 concerts: Songs from the Closet; Strange Bedfellows, Queer Collaborations; Somehwere over the Rainbow (at UBS Bank Atrium); Glitter and be Gay)


14 February 2015: ‘DANCING WITH YOUR VALENTINE’, Friends’ Life Social Club, Dorking, Surrey


March 2015: THE PARISIAN SALON (3 concerts: Symbols and Surreality; L’île innconnue; Extasy Agnogy and the Serach for the Exquisite)


24 March 2015: CREATIVE MADNESS 2: St Mary’s Lewisham, Lewisham Hospital


25 March 2015: CREATIVE MADNESS 3: BREATHE Concert Series, Guys Hospital Chapel


31 March: THE BEGINNING OF AN ERA (Collaboration wih The World and the City: Musical Soirées)


May 2015: SONGS AFTER DARK (4 concerts: Dreams; Cabaret Girls; Things that go bump in the night; Bedtime Stories)


7 & 8 May 2015: ‘JOHN SINGER SARGEANT IN SONG’, National Portrait Gallery (Collaboration with Portrait Choir)


June 2015: SUMMER HOLIDAY (4 Concerts: An American in Paris; Brits Abroad; The Spirit of Scandinavia, Songs from the Russian Dacha)


17 June 2015: CREATIVE MADNESS 4: The Royal College of Psychiartrists


9 July 2015: VOICES OF LONDON, St Lawrence Jewry (City of London Festival)


14 July 2015: VOICES OF LONDON, St Peters Oundle (Oundle International Festival)


4 August 2015: BEETHOVEN ABROAD, St Lawrence Jewry (St Lawrence Summer Festival)


13 September: NAZRUL-BLAKE-MANUSH: NSH Arts Centre (Collaboration with Bengali Musicans and Artist Alice Sielle)


October 2015: YEATS 150 (2 Concerts: Down by the Salley Gardens; The Cloths of Heaven)


17 Ocotber 2015: SONG IN THE CITY AT PETERBOROUGH CATHEDRAL (Edith Cavell WW1 Memorial Concert)


November 2015: SPANISH SONG AND ZARZUELA FESTIVAL (4 concerts: Basque Song; Romances; Spanish Nostalgia)


24 November 2015: SONG IN THE CITY with THE GUILDFORD CHAMBER CHOIR, Holy Trinity, Guildford


8 December 2015: CD LAUNCH: Voices of London. Fundraiser with Help Musicians UK. Milton Court Studio Theatre.





February 2016: SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW (part of LGBT History Month) (3 concerts: The Wild Nights of Emily Dickinson; AN AIDS Quilt Songbook; Girls who like gilrs who like boys who like boys)


March 2016: CANTIGAS E SAUDADE (Portuguese and Brazilian Song) (2 Concerts: Longings and Desires; Brasil Brasileiro)


15 March 2016: CANTIGAS E SAUDADE EVENING, St Marylebone Parish Church


May-July 2016: YOUNG ARTISTS IN THE CITY (9 Concerts: Beyond Reality; An Island Landscape; Ancient Retellings; An Sylvia: A Liederspiel; Voice of the Alien; The Boulangers; Sense and Sensuality; The Girl who Gew Up; Canadian Mosaic)


22 July 2016: VOICES OF LONDON, St Marylebone Parish Church (The St Marylebone Festival)


23 August 2016: HAYDN’S CIRCLE, St Lawrence Jewry (St Lawrence Summer Festival)


Novemebr 2016: SHAKESPEARE 400: (2 Concerts: Sigh no more Ladies; If Music be the Food of Love)


November - December 2016: SPANISH SONG AND ZARZUELA FESTIVAL (3 concerts: Dark Swallows Shall Return: Spanish Songs of the 19th Century; Gipsy Songs; Stolen Kisses: A Homage to Alberto Ginastera in his Centenary Year)






February 2017: HIDDEN LIVES, SECRET LOVES (part of LGBT History Month) (2 concerts: The Story of Noel Mewton Wood; On Wenlock Edge: Housman’s Lads)


March - June 2017: YOUNG ARTISTS IN THE CITY (11 Concerts: Vissi d’arte: I lied for my art; Mirages; Gazing In, Gazing Out; Childhood Fables for Grown Ups; Charles Griffes: The American Impressionist, Flowers in different languages; Tribute to Jane Manning; The Seasons in Song)

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